Get Your Home Plumbing System Ready For Winter In Arizona

Many people know of the sweltering weather in Arizona, but the winters can get quite chilly, especially in the morning and at night. You might look forward to a respite from the heat, but cold temperatures can damage your plumbing system in numerous ways. To avoid costly repairs, winterize your home with the following tips from Deer Valley Plumbing:

Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets

As winter approaches in Arizona, your outdoor faucets become vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Residual water can freeze, expand, and burst your pipes if you don’t drain out your faucets. So the first step is disconnecting any hoses and draining the water inside them. Then, shut off the valve sending water to your outdoor faucet, and open the faucet to drain the remaining water. Finally, insulate the faucet with an outdoor cover that adds a layer of protection against the cold.

Insulate Your Pipes

Exposed pipes tend to freeze during the winter, even in Arizona. So cover them with proper insulation materials, such as foam pipe sleeves or heating tape, to protect them from freezing and bursting. Insulating your pipes also reduces heat loss, cutting costs on hot water usage. Considering the consequences of leaving your lines exposed in winter, insulating them can save you a significant amount of money.

Repair Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks are harmful any time of the year. They waste water, increase utility bills, and damage homes. But during the winter, water leaks can also freeze and lead to further damage. So before freezing temperatures hit, be alert to common places for water leaks, such as the kitchen, toilet, sink, shower, and ceiling. Then, call a professional like Deer Valley Plumbing for repairs if you spot any leaks.

Seal Air Leaks

Many homes have openings, cracks, and holes that bring in cold air and impact indoor plumbing. So pay attention to problem areas like windows, door frames, and wall cracks near your pipes. Apply weather stripping for doors and windows, and use caulk to seal cracks. And consider insulating cold areas like the basement or garage to retain more heat.

Leave The Heat On While Away

If you’re traveling or leaving town during the winter, don’t turn off the heater. You might want to save money on energy bills, but protecting your plumbing from cold temperatures is essential. Our plumbers recommend maintaining a temperature of 55 degrees or more to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Get Professional Help

If you notice plumbing problems while winterizing your home, don’t hesitate to contact Deer Valley Plumbing for help. We’re happy to help prepare your home for winter, whether you have damaged pipes, multiple water leaks, or malfunctioning plumbing appliances. So call us today to schedule an inspection or estimate! We’ll ensure your plumbing is fully protected against freezing temperatures.

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