How to Reduce Your Water Bill

You can reduce your water bill if you fix any damaged pipes. Leaky pipes waste water that you do not use. However, try telling that to the utility company. Fortunately, the problem is fixable. Here is what you can do.

Thaw Frozen Pipes

If your pipes have frozen up again, you need to fix them before you thaw them out. Next,

  • Shut off the main water supply. You do not want your water bill to be any higher than it already is. If you cannot shut off the water to your home locally, shut it off from the main water cut-off valve.
  • Open up some faucets. This will let out the melted ice.
  • Heat the pipes by working from the thawed end to the frozen end. Be very careful. Do not rush the job. If you heat the pipes too fast, the resulting steam might cause them to burst. Be extra careful when you are heating plastic pipes. They should not be hot to the touch.

Make Repairs

The next step is to repair the pipe. You may need to make temporary repairs if the roads are impassable or your family needs water. Something is better than nothing.

You can use a piece of inner tube or hose clamps to wrap burst pipes. All you have to do is wrap the tubing around the damaged area and clamp it in place. Items such as a radiator or garden house will also suffice. Make sure that the material does not let water seep through. If your pipes are made of steel, pipe clamps can help you repair the problem permanently. Use a ball peen hammer to peen the damaged area down level with the rest of the pipe and close it with a clamp.

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