Is Your Showerhead Still In Good Condition?

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When you ask someone about the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about showering, most people would answer the shampoo or conditioner that they use. Not everyone thinks about their showerhead nor provides the maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. At Deer Valley Plumbing, we provide quality fixture repair and installation in Peoria, AZ and we can help you maintain your showerheads. Some signs of a showerhead in good condition are:

No Leaks

No one wants a higher water bill, especially when that water is being wasted. A shower head should only run water when you want it to. If you notice a continuous drip on your showerhead, be sure to schedule fixture plumbing services right away. 

Doesn’t Have Weak Water Pressure

If your shower head isn’t providing strong, adequate water pressure, especially if you have a recent bathroom fixture installation, contact a professional as soon as possible. The issue may be due to a weak water pressure or something more serious in your plumbing system. 

No Mold

Mold is the last thing you want to encounter when trying to get clean. A shower head in good condition won’t be spreading around potentially dangerous bacteria. If there are signs of mold on your showerhead, call for professional fixture services.

No Sediment Buildup

The buildup of minerals can leave a white residue on your shower head while also blocking water from coming out, sometimes even leading it to spray the walls instead of you. Avoid sediment buildup by having your showerhead cleaned periodically.

These issues don’t just affect your shower head, they could affect any faucet in the house. When in need of expert plumbing repairs or a bathroom and kitchen fixture installation, contact Deer Valley Plumbing today. Our team of technicians specialize in professional repairs and efficient solutions.

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