Drain Line Clog & Repair in Phoenix

Eliminating Blockages & Helping Sewage Systems

Whether you have a blockage in your bathtub, shower, or sink a clog can eventually work its way into the main drainage line for your home or commercial property. An experienced Phoenix plumber can quickly and effectively remove clogs from drain lines and repair any damage caused as a result of the blockage. At Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, Inc., our team has been serving the greater Phoenix area with detailed and trusted plumbing services since 1989.

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Issues Indicating a Clogged Drain Line

  • Typical problems associated with drain lines include:
  • Sewage smell in home
  • Flies & bugs swarming
  • Unusual stains on walls/ceilings
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drain
  • Water backing up out of drain system
  • Toilets clogged by paper towels or feminine hygiene products

Drain Line Installation, Repairs & Replacements

Our team of at Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, Inc. has the knowledge and resources to provide you with reliable Phoenix drain line clog services. We can help your drain lines be more effective by snaking them to remove the clog, debris, sediments, roots that have infiltrated, and even grease. To help make sure that the entire line is thoroughly cleared of any remaining debris, we can use our high-pressure jetting equipment to flush the sewage lines. Following these processes, we can use a video inspection of the inside of the pipe to ensure that the line is completely cleared and intact.

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