Plumbing Tips To Help Conserve Water

When it comes to saving water in your household, there are countless plumbing tips that can help keep home eco-friendly and your bills down. We need water to shower, wash our hands, clean our dishes and clothes, water our plants, and fill our pools. Water conservation in Arizona is undoubtedly difficult considering the heat we experience year long, but with these plumbing tips in mind, you can make your water use more efficient every day.

Water Efficient Plumbing Tips and Updates

If you haven’t gotten around to fixing a faucet leak, your water bill will suffer for it. A single leaking faucet in your home can cost you 34 gallons of water per year according to the USGS Water Science School. A running toilet can cause similar issues, which is why you should have a professional check your pipes annually or semi-annually depending on how many issues you’ve experienced in the past.

  1. More plumbing tips include updating fixtures that are more than 10 years old because the materials used during their installation may not be the best for saving water. Older homes commonly have galvanized, brass, or copper piping that easily gets clogged with sediment and other minerals. PEX piping is much more suited to maintaining steady water pressure.
  2. One of our last plumbing tips that can save you water all year long is investing in a tankless water heater or solar water heater. Instead of having a supply of hot water on hold, these heaters warm up water as you need it, conserving much more water in the process.

Reducing Your Appliance Usage

Of course, a more obvious plumbing tip is to just cut back on using your appliances and monitor how much water you’re using every week. However, updates that prevent plumbing leaks, buildup, and unnecessary water usage are the best way to ensure you’re not running extra water. Contact a plumber from Deer Valley Plumbing today to learn more plumbing tips that will lower your water usage as well as your monthly water bill.

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