Reasons Behind Backflow

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By design, plumbing systems only allow water to travel in one direction. But, flow sometimes goes in the other direction. We call this process backflow, and it’s reason enough to reach out to a plumber in Phoenix, AZ, from Deer Valley Plumbing. Even if you’re not experiencing reverse flow issues, take a moment to learn more about possible reasons behind backflow.

Mixed Water Lines

Because backflow often includes contaminated water, it can be considered an emergency plumbing situation. Typically, mixtures of various liquids and gases within the water supply cause backflow. This backflow process often occurs when potable and non-potable water lines connect.

Back Pressure

Backpressure is the term plumbers use when a non-potable water source has water pressure greater than the pressure in attached potable lines. Plumbing repairs to correct back pressure may involve fixing connections related to sprinkler systems or boilers. In some cases, power washing tools and other sources of water usage may also be contributing factors.

Back Siphonage

Back siphonage occurs if pressure is reduced or lost with clean water. The reduction or loss of pressure causes dirty or contaminated water to flow backward from the vacuum effect. Backflow issues often occur in systems using a large volume of water or that experience a break in the water main. Scheduling professional plumbing services right away is essential to prevent further damage.

Correcting and Preventing Backflow Issues

Fortunately, there are ways a plumber from our team can address and resolve backflow issues and prevent future problems. Possible solutions include:

  • Creating an air gap between connected devices within your system
  • Repairing any damaged pipes or connections
  • Using a backflow prevention device

As a trusted, local plumbing company serving the Phoenix, AZ, area, Deer Valley Plumbing takes pride in restoring customers’ peace of mind. If you’re noticing backflow issues, we’ll find out what’s going on so we can recommend a sensible, long-term solution. Contact us today for fast, affordable plumbing services.

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