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Cost-Effective Drain Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, and the Surrounding Areas

A clogged drain can be frustrating, and while many issues can be treated temporarily without professional tools, most types of clogs can be early warning signs of fairly serious plumbing issues. Rely on an experienced plumber in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas to address most drain issues in a matter of hours, restoring your home or business to full functionality. For a consultation or for an immediate service, contact Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors now.

Common Causes of a Clogging

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, drain issues can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  • Improper disposal of personal hygiene products
  • Root intrusion from trees or foliage near the plumbing line
  • Obstructions from children's toys and other foreign objects
  • Buildup of grease, food, hair, and organic material
  • Soap scum buildup

Most property owners are familiar with the symptoms of a clogged drain in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. The first sign is often a slow-draining sink, bathtub or floor drain. This is often accompanied by unpleasant odors caused by decomposing organic materials. Clogged toilets will back up instead of flushing.

When the clog is further down the pipeline, the symptoms can change. Drains might create a gurgling sound or back up due to pockets of trapped air. When a clog damages the line, homeowners may notice puddles of water or unusual areas of moisture on their property.

When to Call a Drain Cleaning Company

Clogs can damage plumbing and should be addressed as soon as possible by your local drain cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas. Property owners can treat some clogs with plungers and other basic tools, but when the cause of a clog is unclear, call Deer Valley Plumbing to treat the issue safely. Don't attempt to use augers, snakes, or other heavy-duty tools without proper guidance from a qualified professional.

Deer Valley Plumbing offers professional drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas to get slow-running or fully obstructed drains flowing smoothly. Depending on the size of the obstruction, the age of the pipes, and several other factors, our drain cleaning services may utilize one of the following methods:

Hydro jetting - By sending a concentrated blast of high-pressure water through a specialized nozzle, our professional plumbers can clear most clogs quickly. We will inspect pipes visually or with cameras to ensure that hydro jetting in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas will be safe.

Professional-duty plungers, snakes, and augers - Some smaller drains can be treated with heavy-duty plungers or augers. However, the cause of the clog will need to be identified to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Chemical treatments - Drain cleaning services typically remove the clog before applying chemical treatments, which may further reduce build-up or prevent root intrusion from becoming a more severe issue.

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