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We understand… The weather is changing, the holidays are almost here and there’s so much you already juggle in your life, when do you have the time for plumbing?

So much can go wrong with your pipes, fixtures, appliances that it can be hard to recall every warning sign - and what they’re even warning you about!

A great thing, but also unfortunate, is that you don’t see much of your plumbing system throughout the span of your home. This also means that there’s plenty opportunity for problems brewing behind your walls and beneath your floors that you won’t notice until your home starts showing symptoms.

And by the time you see a symptom, this means the problem has probably been occurring for some time already.

Some of these symptoms include…

  • Peeling paint or cracks in the foundation of your home, indicating a potential pipe leak.
  • An inconsistent water level in your toilet bowl, which could mean clogging in your sewer line.
  • Gurgling sounds from your drain, a possible indicator there’s clogging further down your pipeline.

Who knows how much damage has already been done by the time you notice…

Well, that’s exactly why we at Deer Valley Plumbing are here - to take care of all your plumbing needs and get you the best out of your home plumbing system without breaking your budget.

So, here’s a free 10-point whole home plumbing inspection! ($250 value!)

We’ll send our expert plumbers to:

  • Check drains for proper function
  • Test toilets
  • Inspect faucets for leaks
  • Check all shut offs and angle stops
  • Inspect sink piping and garbage disposals
  • Test water pressure
  • Check water heater temperature
  • Check water heater for sediment - recommend flush if needed
  • Recommend any code upgrades
  • Inspect exposed water lines

Just call us at (623) 257-0000 and we’ll get going on your free home inspection!

If you’d like to continue getting free plumbing inspections, check out our Smart Bucks membership program, where we give members free home inspections, discounts on all service repairs, priority same-day scheduling, and many more benefits.

Ask a representative about our Smart Bucks program when you call us for your free home plumbing inspection.

And if you’re already a Smart Bucks member, this is an additional free inspection on us!

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*Restrictions: offer valid for residential customers only. Expires 11/14/22

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