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Duration: January 1 - February 14


Tell me something... When was the last time you scheduled a whole home plumbing inspection?

Do you know when you last flushed your water heater? Or how frequently you should? Are you aware of the red flags indicating major plumbing problems are on the horizon?

If you're like many homeowners, life is just too busy to think about plumbing. And it's stressful because sometimes its easier to just not think about it, but in the back of your mind you wonder when the next plumbing problem will happen.

And there are many times your plumbing can go wrong. You finally move a day’s worth of dirty dishes into the dishwasher to only find that it no longer works. You come home from work only to find your garage flooded because your water heater broke. It’s winter, and no matter how far you turn the knob, your shower won’t give you hot water.

The situations are endless and it can be hard to keep up and know what to look for to prevent a plumbing problem... before it’s too late. This is exactly why we at Deer Valley Plumbing want to partner with you in our Smart Bucks Club!

Our Club offers an easy way to stay on top of your home’s plumbing as well as curb the costs for repairs!

For only $7 a month (billed annually), Club members receive these stellar benefits:

FREE yearly, whole home plumbing inspection (valued at $129)
5% discount on all service repairs
● Priority, same-day scheduling
● and more!

And if you act now, you’ll receive your first month of membership FREE! Plus, a Starbucks drink on us to top it off. (Limited time offer until February 14, 2021)

Being a Smart Bucks Club partner is the best way to manage the health and dependability of your home’s plumbing and water systems.

Call us anytime at (623) 257-0000 or schedule on our webform and we’ll get you signed up immediately so you can start enjoying all your benefits ASAP.

We look forward to helping you protect your home while making it more affordable for you.

Be smart with your money and your plumbing!

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