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Can you think of anything you use more than your home’s water? How often are you turning on a faucet, flushing a toilet, using your dishwasher, or cleaning your laundry?

Everyday you’re using water for things like showering, flushing waste, washing your clothes or dishes, watering your lawn, cooking… There’s so much we use our water for every day!

It’s an essential element of our daily lives, yet we overlook whether or not our tap water is actually good.

How often do you hear anyone brag about the quality of their tap water?

Well, if you install a water softener today, you’ll have plenty reasons to do just that because improving your water improves the overall quality of living in your home. Imagine having no more toilet bowl rings, clothes that fade less, and showering in water that actually feels luxurious.

Over time, you’ve probably noticed what looks like growth and staining on and around your sink and shower faucets. This is because your water is riddled with natural contaminants such as iron and hydrogen sulfide – a real drag to see, right?

But with a water softener, your sinks and showers will simply be cleaner with much less of your effort.

And since you’ve noticed that these contaminants build up outside of your faucets, imagine how much they’re building up inside your pipes and appliances!

For instance, minerals such as lime can collect in your water heater, thus limiting how much available hot water you have every morning and evening. This requires a flushing, but with softer water, you’ll have less frequent flushing to worry about.

And much less repairing your plumbing fixtures and pipes due to any build-up and clogging from these unwanted minerals in your water.

You may also have noticed the color of your clothing isn’t as vibrant as it once was, and you might be considering all the money you plan on spending for an updated wardrobe.

Well, these contaminants even speed up color fading in your clothing…

But with a water softener, you’ll have longer lasting quality color in your clothes – which means less money you have to spend replacing faded outfits!

Something else to consider – these contaminants make it more difficult for your soaps and cleaning products to dissolve in your water, therefore your hygiene products are harsher on your skin and your hair.

Do you notice having dry skin and hair after a shower despite how “moisturizing” you hope your products to be? Just imagine having resort-quality showers in your home!

You can have all of this simply by installing a water softener or water conditioner.

There’s no doubt improving your water will improve your quality of life – both in and out of your home.

And that’s why we at Deer Valley Plumbing are here! We’re ready to take your water to the next level.

Give us a call today at (602) 832-7694 and tell us that you're interested in getting a quote for a water softener or water conditioner.

And for the next 45 days only, we are offering $100 off any water softening unit, and $200 off loop installs (offer lasts from Feb. 15 through March 31)

Why settle for water that works against you?

It’s time your water works for you.



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