The Differences Between Water Conditioner and Softener

The Differences Between Water Conditioner and SoftenerHaving access to clean water safe for consumption and everyday use is a must in every household. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee for all areas, for some have hard water or water that’s contaminated and has an unpleasant smell. Deer Valley Plumbing, top plumber in Glendale, AZ, is an expert on the different kinds of water filtration systems that can help you address these concerns. We discuss these further below:

Water Softeners

Before you decide on a water filtration system in Glendale, AZ, it’s wise to understand how these systems work to know whether it’s the right option for your home. Water softeners typically soften water by removing minerals through reverse osmosis or ion exchange. It removes magnesium, calcium and silica ions, leaving your water with small quantities of temporary hardness.

Most water softeners come with two tanks, a primary tank with resin beads and a second tank containing a salty brine solution. When mineral-rich water flows through the system, resin’s negatively charged ions attract magnesium and calcium ions. The water that finally flows out of the tank contains dissolved sodium chloride, resulting in what is known as soft water.

Water Conditioners

Unlike water softeners, water conditioners use a more innovative way to manipulate hardness minerals in the water. If you opt for water conditioning services, you need to know that your system won’t remove these minerals. They’ll still be present, but they won’t build up and cause problems.

While both water conditioners and softeners are designed to tackle water hardness, a water conditioner addresses other water issues such as biological contaminants. So, if you’re planning to call in a professional for water treatment services, you might want to consider investing in a water conditioner.

You can always rely on an expert in water purification services to help you make an informed decision. This is because both systems are excellent water treatment solutions, making it quite challenging to choose the best for your water needs.

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