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Steps to Unclog Your Sink

When it comes to a clogged drain and how to fix it, there are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions to your problems. Depending on your sink and clog, there can be a number of potential obstructions and remedies. Too often, people follow poor advice or use destructive products to unclog their drain. The reality is this can waste time, money, and end up causing more damage to a sink or pipes in the process.

Instead of taking a shortcut to partially unclog your sink once, we recommend you read our handy guide to unclogging a sink by using the proper resources. That way you’ll know when to handle the problem on your own or consult a plumbing professional for the best results.

5 tips on how to unclog a sink (and when you should call for backup)

Plumbing service isn’t all magic, and there are times when knowing a simple fix can save you a significant headache. However, many times something that seems like an easy solution will create long-term damage or not get the job done at all. Thus, familiarize yourself with a plan for your particular sink and drain set up so you can know when it’s a home remedy vs. a professional cleanup.

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These are all mild, eco-friendly cleaners that should be able to rid you of some light drain clogs. However, when the blockages are caused by more insidious or larger materials, you will likely need stronger products or professional assistance. The reality is that most chemical cleaners will not mitigate your problem long term, and are going to end up being a waste of time and money more often than not.

How much is a plumber to unclog a sink?

While there are many similarities in typical household sinks, drains, and plumbing needs, it is important to realize that your home, region, and plumber will have varying costs. Thus, keep these things in mind when assessing potential remedies for a clog:

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In trying to appraise the potential cost of a fix, the best method is to get multiple quotes from reputable plumbing companies. The honest and thorough professionals will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Professional Unclogging Services with Deer Valley Plumbing

At Deer Valley Plumbing, we know that clearing a clog will also help clear your mind. We’ve spent decades saving people time, money, and stress by providing the most effective drain cleaning & clearing solutions in Phoenix. We pride ourselves on the most responsible processes and up-front communication so that you can enjoy your fixtures normally.

If you have a clog or other plumbing issues that need to be solved, don’t waste any more time – reach out today for full-service plumbing solutions.

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