Watch Out for These Plumbing Noises

Watch Out for These Plumbing Noises

Plumbing noises are a great nuisance and can be frightening at times. However, not all noises are a sign of plumbing malfunction. For example, a whooshing sound coming from flushing a pressure-assist toilet is normal. Deer Valley Plumbing is an expert plumber in Peoria, AZ, and we can help educate you on the meaning behind the different plumbing noises you may encounter: 

Humming or knocking when water is running

When water pressure is too high, your pipes start vibrating, resulting in a humming or knocking sound. Continuous high water pressure can eventually cause damage to your pipes. A knocking sound is also an indicator of sediment buildup in your water heater, which needs to be flushed out. If you hear this unusual noise when using your water heater, be sure to schedule professional plumbing services right away.


This sound frequently indicates the presence of a partial clog in your pipes. Even if you do not notice a slow drain, you will have it soon, as the clog in your pipes grows. If the clog is not cleared, you may end up with emergency plumbing complications such as sewer backups.


Thousands of water gallons are lost yearly from dripping water. A dripping sound is often heard from faulty faucets which need repair or replacement. Call our experts for plumbing repairs to avoid spending too much money on excessively high water bills.


When there is a clog or sediment buildup in your shower head or faucet, then you will hear a whistling sound. Ensure the showerhead or faucet is regularly cleaned to avoid this issue..


A ticking sound is a sign that your water meter could be faulty, your pipes are unstable, expanding, or contracting. Scheduling an inspection with your local plumbing company will help pinpoint the exact cause of this unusual noise.

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