What is Backflow?

backflow plumbing repairs

Backflow prevention and testing are required by law in the Phoenix area and rely on a certified professional from a plumbing company in Phoenix, AZ to complete. To make sure your water system remains reliable and safe, contact a Deer Valley Plumbing expert for backflow testing and prevention services.

Backflow describes a reversal in a plumbing or pipeline system’s normal direction of flow. The consequence of backflow is cross-contamination when clean water comes into contact with hazardous materials or chemicals, such water from dishwashers, sinks or showers, pool chlorine, human waste or fertilizers, and reenters the system, potentially contaminating the public water supply and necessitating urgent plumbing repairs in Phoenix, AZ.

Causes of Backflow

Backflow results from a difference in pressure between two areas of a plumbing system, in which areas of higher pressure flow into low-pressure areas. The result can be backpressure, where drinking water encounters a hazardous higher-pressure system, or back-siphonage, which results from a drop in pressure in the drinking water system, requiring the attention of plumbing services in Phoenix, AZ.

Backflow Testing and Prevention

These services depend exclusively on a licensed plumber in Phoenix, AZ with the necessary credentials required by law. The first thing to do is get in contact with a certified professional on our team who is trained to find irregularities in the system, record them, and present them to authorities.

The process should take no longer than half an hour. If testing shows no concerns, it’s to standard. If it isn’t, our knowledgeable professionals can make sure your backflow preventer is in good working condition.

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