Why Are My Sink Drains Clogged?

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If a kitchen or bathroom drain is acting up, chances are that there is a stoppage or clogging in the immediate drain line. As long as these get immediate attention, drain clogs aren’t a huge issue at all. However, if left to their own devices for too long, drain clogs can get worse with time and even back up into your home, causing bad odors and bacteria to threaten the health and sanity of your family!

If the water is draining, but very slowly, there may be a partial blockage in the drain. To make sure that the clog isn’t only superficial, first remove the pop-up to see if accumulated hair and other funky gunk aren’t the culprits. Also, if you experience a foul smell coming from the sinks or bath tub, chances are that there is debris and gunk accumulated somewhere in the plumbing.

What if the Drain Clog is in The Main Sewer Line?

If this is the case, then all of the drains clogged throughout your home will become slow and smelly. It could mean that your septic tank is full or it could also be caused by a main sewer line that has been damaged by water seeking tree roots.

Whatever the case may be, if you are experiencing painfully slow drain lines, you might want to consider calling a local professional plumber to diagnose the problem and fix it. Debris build up in the drain is caused by the over time accumulation of soap, dirt, debris and grease in the drain pipe. This drain clogging not only has the potential to disrupt your home life, but it can damage drain pies, and become a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria and mold, threatening major health damage for you and your family.

Other Reasons That may Cause a Clogged Sink Drain

Tree roots are designed by nature to seek out water sources, and your main sewer line not only promises them water but also essential nutrients. Trees nearby can damage your home’s main water and sewerage lines. Also, kitchen drains are subjected to abuse by pouring grease down the lines as well as inappropriate use of the garbage disposer. Sewer lines may also collapse due to old age or other environmental issues and need to be completely replaced as a result of it. Freeze-thaw cycles because of the weather can cause sewer and drain lines to sag.

Dealing with clogged drains and debris buildups is a totally normal part of home ownership! There are ways to fix clogged drain lines and remove debris build up in sinks without damaging your home or fixtures in any way.

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