Why Do I Have Water Spots on My Walls and Ceiling?

Water Spots and Leaking Pipes 

Your ceiling and the walls of your bathroom or kitchen might have water spots because your pipes are leaking. What should you do? Your first priority should be to find every damaged or damp spot on your walls as you search for the source of the leaks.

More Signs to Watch Out For

Stained, buckled or cracked flooring around your sink, toilet, or tub may be other signs of leaky pipes especially if you haven’t seen rain in ages. Once drywall comes into contact with moisture, it begins to bubble and warp. If your floor is wet, it might mean that the water has reached the ceiling or is now dripping out of the walls itself. It is also possible to find water stains far away from your bathroom, kitchen or any other source of water in your home. Don’t be surprised if the ceiling below the bathroom starts dripping as well. 

Damage from Damp Walls 

Damp walls are sure to do a number of your paintwork. Leaky pipes can blister the paint and ruin the wallpaper that you worked so hard on. When water gets between the paint and the wall, it separates the two and causes the paint to fall out in pieces. Water damage in excess can even result in permanent damage to your walls or flooring and require large scale restoration. 

Aging Pipes are More Likely to Leak

There can be several reasons why your pipes are leaking. Copper pipes are prone to leaking when they have gone past their prime. Copper pipes can be built to last for twenty five years, but water chemistry can cause them to spring leaks sooner than expected.

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