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In search of a reliable plumber in Peoria, AZ? Reach out to Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors right away. Since 1989, we've been proudly serving residential and business customers in the local area. Whether you're dealing with an annoying drip, broken plumbing fixtures, commercial boiler problems, or backflow issues, we're here to help.

Why It's Best to Avoid DIY Plumbing Repairs

It's tempting to grab your toolbox and tackle plumbing repairs yourself. Unfortunately, doing so has the potential to do more harm than good. For starters, you could end up not fixing the true source of the problem. If this is the case, you'll be left with a temporary fix that's likely to result in an unexpected plumbing emergency later. A DIY approach to tackling plumbing issues could also contribute to:

  • Flooding from burst or broken pipes
  • Repairs that aren't properly done
  • Unintentional damage to your home or business

The biggest irony about DIY plumbing repair is that it could end up costing you much more than what you would pay with expert service from a reputable plumbing company. Fortunately, our team is easily accessible and ready to respond when you need a top plumber in Peoria, AZ.

We also realize plumbing problems rarely happen during convenient hours. This is why we offer assistance for emergency plumbing when general plumbing issues need urgent attention.

A Wide Variety of General Plumbing Services

Our general plumbing services cover a wide range of situations, from leaking pipes and suspected gas line problems to sewer system issues. We have well-trained, dedicated, and courteous plumbing technicians with the skills and resources required to tackle tasks that include:

  • Emergency plumbing: Urgent-need plumbing encompasses anything plumbing-related in your home or business that demands immediate attention. This includes overflowing/clogged toilets, stopped-up garbage disposals, and leaking water heaters.
  • Plumbing fixture installation and repair: Extend the life of your fixtures by letting our plumbing pros make accurate, quality repairs when adjustments need to be made or parts need to be replaced. We'll also get new fixtures installed and set up properly.
  • Drain and pipe services: General plumbing also extends to drain or pipe issues that require professional attention. These issues can range from obvious and serious leaks and clogs to slow drains and suspected leaks that aren't so obvious.

You're also welcome to contact us if you have routine plumbing repairs that need to be crossed off your to-do list. We're equally capable of helping you plan, coordinate, and complete plumbing updates in a way that's efficient and cost-effective. Deer Valley Plumbing also provides:

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No matter what has you calling on Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, you can expect superior, client-centered customer service, honest pricing, and attention to every detail from a seasoned plumber. All work we do is also 100% guaranteed for your added peace of mind!

Contact us today to consult our staff or to request emergency plumbing assistance. Our services are available in:

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We understand that plumbing problems can cause a major disturbance to your daily routine. When an issue arises, you need a fast, cost-effective solution. Our team is trained to handle any problem you are facing. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to perform the service you need when you need it.

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